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What products do you offer?
We offer variety of online courses which includes:
1. Defensive driving courses for ticket dismissal and insurance discounts
2. Driver education courses
3. Texas seat belt course
We also offer driverís record, which may be needed for traffic ticket dismissal.
How much does the course cost?
We provide defensive driving course for many states, therefore our prices vary state
by state. Our price starts from $14.50. For online Texas defensive driving course,
we provide the lowest price permitted by the state law i.e. $25.
How do I take the course?
Our courses can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. All you need
is a computer and Internet access. Just click on ďRegister nowĒ button and follow the
instructions to take the course.
Why do I need Driverís record?
In order to dismiss a traffic ticket, you may need an official driving record and a defensive driving course. You may also need a copy of your driving record for an employment requirement to monitor your insurance rates, or to verify that tickets you have paid have been cleared.
Why do I need Driver education course?
Driver education course is a requirement to get a driving permit for teens.
How do I get a Driverís license?
1. Take the driver education course
2. Apply for driving permit and pass the state administered test
3. Complete behind the wheel training
4. Apply for provisional driverís license

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